Friday, August 10, 2012

What Kind of Eggs Do You Prefer?

It seems like such a simple question.  What kind of eggs do you prefer?  Poached, scrambled, over easy, omelet, hard boiled....You would think that this would be an easy question to answer.  However, it hasn't been easy for me.  You see, when I have been asked this question, I typically answer, "Whatever you like is fine."  As silly as it sounds, I didn't want to offend you by choosing the wrong type of egg.  I just wanted to conform to whatever you wanted.  Why?  Because I want you to like me.  I want to make you happy.  So, I was afraid to speak up and really share my preference.  But it's just eggs!!!  But it's not!  See, this has been true in my life, for more than just eggs.  Well, I think it's about time I find my voice and speak up!  It's only when I use my voice that I can truly shine.

Perhaps, in many cases, I don't even know what kind of eggs that I like.  Well, it's time to find out.  Not only about eggs....but today, I begin my journey to discover what I like and don't like, my favorite things...things that make me who I am.  

And I am going to share that journey with you.  So, welcome to "Learning To Shine".  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but ALWAYS TRULY ME!!!  

And to begin, my favorite way to have eggs is over easy! :-)


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  1. I am SO PROUD of you! And for the record, I like mine scrambled...or even better (if we're going egg-fancy), in omelet form with ham and green peppers and colby cheese!!! Now I'm hungry for breakfast food.