Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day???

This past Thursday was Valentine's Day.  I love Valentine's Day.  The flowers, the cards, the chocolate....ok....I just really love the chocolate.  I was at Target on Thursday and I was AMAZED that the number of people in the card, flower and the candy aisle.  WOW!! Talk about last minute.... :)

It really got me thinking about Valentine's Day.  The whole point of the day is to show those around us how much we love them and how much we appreciate having them in our lives.  Why do we need just one day to do this?  I just wonder what my world would be like if I shared my love and appreciation, every single day of our lives.  What kind of impact would that make?  That doesn't mean buying big flower arrangements or fancy candy every day.  I'm talking about simple gestures.  A smile.  An encouraging note.  A hug.  A prayer.  Watching a tired mom's kids so she can have some time to herself.   Bringing coffee to a discouraged friend.  Bringing up your neighbors empty trash bins.  Cleaning up the dinner dishes.  Shoveling a neighbors snow.  Calling a friend.   

These simple acts can that make a big difference in the life of those around you.

Check out this video.  You can see the impact that one simple act has on the world.  

Spread The Love

What kind of difference COULD you make in the world if you just spread the love?  What is one thing you can do today to share your love with the world?!  


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