Monday, January 21, 2013


Lately, I have really been reflecting over the year and about the people who have come into my life.  Every single person that has crossed my path has made an impact on me.  I am thankful for each person.  Friends who have there through the joys and laughter, along with the pain and tears.  New friends.  Old friends.  Unexpected friends.  I have learned so much from each of them.  It is easy to be thankful for the friends who have been supportive.

But, it's not always easy to be thankful for those that hurt me, for those who have walked away, for those whose hurtful words that pierce right into your heart .  Do you find that true for you?  It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in the hurt and pain from these types of relationships.  For so long, I have let myself carry around this hurt.  I let that hurt control my behavior.  It wasn't until a GOOD friend (you know who you are) pointed out that I allowed myself to be continually hurt by these experiences...instead of forgiving, learning and growing.  And, I am proud to say that I have done that & I am continuing to do that.  And you know what I'm learning....that it is TRUE freedom.  Freedom from that hurt.  From that pain.  From the past. 

So, I am thankful for each person that has crossed my path.  Each one has taught me something about myself.   I am learning that I am stronger and braver than I have ever thought.  Each choice that I have made, each person that I come in contact with, each experience I have had, both good and bad, has been instrumental in shaping me into the person that God wants me to be.

Thank you, friends.  I will be forever grateful for you.



For Good--Kristin Chenoweth

"So much of me is made from what I learned from you.

You'll be with me, like a hand-print on my heart.
And now whatever way our stories end,I know you have re-written mine by being my friend."

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  1. I am so glad you got ahold of that! We can learn from every experience God allows in our lives if we let God use that to teach us. You are so correct, good or bad, those people, those hurts and elations have shaped us into who we are today. And if we let God use that, we are so much better in the long run! Love you Julie!