Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Traditions #1

In preparation and celebration of the Christmas season,
our family has some really cool family traditions.
So, for the next several posts, I will be sharing these with you.

#1  Christmas Ornaments

Every year, we buy the kids each a new Christmas ornament.  This was a fun tradition with John's family and when we had kids, we decided that we would continue it with our kiddos.  That way, when the kids get older and move out, they have Christmas ornaments for their own tree.

This is Lil' John's snowman.  The smile on this
little guy reminded us of Lil' John's smile!!  

This is Grace's sock monkey.  You see, Grace is crazy about sock monkeys.
 She loves them.  If it's a sock monkey, that girl wants it! :-)

This is Jeff's star.  He is a bright, shining star  in our family.  His energy and
 love makes this Momma's heart shine.

What are some of your family traditions around the holidays?


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